Our Mission & Cause

We aim to reach immigrant mothers in local neighborhoods so that they can better support, care, and advocate for their families. We embrace diversity by connecting people to their neighbors and support women and their families through education so that they can thrive.


Historically and today, Sunset Park is the home of many ethnic and cultural enclaves: Chinese, Dominican, Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Scandinavian communities all make up the fabric of this diverse neighborhood.

The highest populations of immigrants are concentrated in five neighborhoods across Brooklyn. Sunset Park is the second largest of those neighborhoods, with 130,000 people living within an area of 2.25 square miles.

The population density of Sunset Park is roughly double the average population density of New York City as a whole. About 52% of the 130,000 people living in Sunset park are foreign born.


The population density of Sunset Park is twice the average population density of New York City. 

With so many people needing to access neighborhood resources, there is already great strain on overcrowded public schools, housing shortages, health issues related to overpopulation, and much more. There is an even greater burden for those who are not proficient in English in overcoming these barriers, which, in turn, creates an even greater gap between immigrant and non-immigrant families. 


As children of immigrants learn English more quickly than their parents, children are often called on to act as linguistic and societal interpreters for their families. Helping their parents navigate various systems, such as education, healthcare, social, and public benefits, children are involved in adult decisions. Through this reversal of parent/child roles, great stress can be placed on the social fabric of the family.

Because of the implications this has for social and economic stability
(including family life and income earned), there is a tangible need for
community support of families.

There is a need for convenient, affordable, and relevant adult education in Sunset Park:

Given the opportunity, immigrants are willing to work hard to learn English and improve their overall quality of life.